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My First Blog Entry

January 20, 2019

Here I am!!! Decades later, after a short bout with lying (in my youth), and inching my way toward my complete truth, like the cross your heart and hope to die kind of truth, the raw, naked truth, the swear to tell the truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you God truth. After countless violations of other people's privacy, in speaking my truth, OUT LOUD, in singing my truth from the mountaintop... HERE I AM!!! I can't even begin to tell you how much I love telling the truth, and how much I need it. My body needs the truth, like our bodies need oxygen and water. I have no where to go, without it. After years on the emotional merry go round, hating waking up and hating life, it's a wonder I wound up here, grateful as can be, grateful to be alive, in the land of the living, thriving, typing a blog, and loving every second of it. Type, type, type, type, words, words, and more words, expressing it all. It's another wonder that what came much easier for me, than for many, took so long for me to get here. But, TRUTH is a mighty splendid thing, and this thing is complicated (like the young people say). I mean it's layered like a big dog, that is, if you want to master it, and are as passionate about being your true self, as I am. It's a journey of a lifetime, moment by moment. Nevertheless, I can tell you one thing, just when I think I've mastered it, I find out that there are degrees to it (like a 7th degree black belt, kung foo artist), like when here comes somebody else, another situation, a very sensitive situation, at that, a situation that requires some hard decisions, but hey, take it from me, as I'm known for keeping it real, it never gets easy, because people, generally, don't wanna hear it. What was that movie when the man yelled, "You can't handle the truth!!!" Hold on, I'll google it LOL...  Riiiight "A Few Good Men" ooooh weee that movie was chock full of issues to tell the truth (or lie) about, but I call it more like truth or die. In the sense, where we make it a habit, like taking our vitamins, and working out, or contribute slowly to our own demise. The thing is, we can never fully be happy, healthy, or sane, or feel FULLY ALIVE, if we don't give that little voice inside of us, its due!!! Our very DNA comes from the creator of the universe, and we've gotta tell it, come what may, because what goes on in the dark, comes out in the light... Sooner or later, what we think on the inside, will reveal itself on the outside, somehow, some way, we get exposed. I mean you can get into the gray areas, and "little white lies", if you want to, and there is no magic formula for how to do it, but ain't nothin to it, but to do it, and it's gotta get done. So, for any of you reading this blog right now, it's a perfect day to begin a 3 day challenge LOL... (you know those 10 day and 30 day challenges, noooo waaaay is that apropos for new truth tellers, or nervous truth tellers). So, let's start off with bite size challenges, until you master this baby, because telling and receiving the truth can be uncomfortable. So, if you're not ready to get fired from your job, spouse, or partner, let's ease into it. 

To digress for a moment, I remember when my stepdad gave me my 1st introduction, into the awareness that I spoke my truth, offensively. He said I was belligerent, which took me straight to the dictionary. I was a teen then, but I was old enough to know, by the rest of what he said, that it wasn't anything good, and I found out it was true. Down the road, when I decided that I wanted to be myself, completely, knowing that I had been hiding parts of myself, I began getting into the nitty gritty of the truth. There was a pivotal moment, in my mid 20's, and I'll never forget it, because I didn't know that what I was working on, within, was that obvious. That day, my sister Bridget & I were in our parents' kitchen, and she said "What's going on with you?" "I said what do you mean?" And, she said, "Did you take an assertiveness training course or something?" LOL... I didn't even know what that meant, back in the 1980's, let alone remember what I could have said, but it was another invitation to expand, because in the early days of this truth telling practice, you could say that I wanted to be free at all costs. I wanted my power back, I wanted to be ME, I wanted to tell people off, yeah, that's what I really wanted to do, I was angry. Yet, little by little, as I gave my inner self her voice back, and with much help from others, who I had offended, hurt, and turned off, as I heard countless times, I can't believe you said that, and as people would stiffen up, when I'd come into the room, after a while, I got better at it. Yet, later, even as an official grown up, my Mom (who I've never even heard yell) said you need to get some more training (after I asked her employee, if he had some type of mental problem, for calling the office, FIVE TIMES IN A ROW.) So, off I went to the, mandated, "Communication with Tact and Finesse" course. Some years later, still loving to express myself, my THIRD husband taught me THE SANDWICH METHOD!!! So, it's all good people, I'm just saying, here's for the do-overs!!! Here's for the God of 2nd and 3rd chances, and how about forgiveness, the important thing is, I got it!!! Patience is a virtue, and I got it!!! So, yes, I tell the truth, and it feels soooo gooood, but decades later, I use a little more honey (most of the time.) So today, as all of the planets are going direct, (which they rarely do), when we have the universe's support, let's take a 3 day challenge and tell everyone our truth, with love, compassion, and kindness, but by all means let's tell it!!! Set yourself free, be you, it's why we're on the planet, to reveal the greatness of God, through us, as our true selves. 

1, 2, 3 blast off......................

True Dee

January 29, 2019

Today, I chose me. I danced for me. I'm FREE...

Happy Black Love Day!!!

February 13, 2019

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