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Truth Relief Heali​n​g

Truth Relief Heali​n​g is crisis intervention. 

A short term process that gives immediate relief,  

from emotional pain, guidance to your next level, 

and a clear mind.

About Me...

Hi my name is Trudi Harper El

aka Serena Sankofa aka Ubuntu Ma'at aka 

Avtar Adi Kaur. I'm an empath, HSP (Highly Sensitive Person), student of life, 

mother, spiritual guide, channeler, author, 

 and the creator of “Truth Relief Healing”.® 

I’m here to help you speak your truth, and go on this healing journey with you.  

When I was 16 years old, I attempted to follow the rules to success, and enrolled at California State University, Northridge. Only thing, I was a wreck from witnessing rape & other traumatic events & ended up having anxiety, panic attacks, clinical depression, agoraphobia, an eating disorder, was self medicating, and unable to function. Desperate to find a way out of the pain I was in, and the shame I felt, I delved deep into Psychology, Religion, and Metaphysics, and began doing anything and everything to heal. I went to a few therapists, for a couple of months, who couldn't heal me quick enough, but then one day, I was at my wits end, and a voice from within told me what to do. I followed every step, no matter how strange it sounded, went everywhere the voice told me to go, and did everything it told me to do. In 19 days 3 of the mental illnesses were GONE!!! The other 2 took 2 years for me to unpack. I spent the next 25 years, researching the mind, body, spirit connection, found my purpose, peace of mind, and learned to be happy and grateful. The result of my journey is, I received a "gift", from the Most High, that enables me to channel other people's painful emotions, from their body, through mine, which leads to immediate relief and clarity. This is my life's work, bringing love and upliftment to humanity, to help heal our planet.

I injoy spending time in nature, with family, friends, and animals, practicing yoga, dancing, 

and writing, and I am passionate about the business of healing, wellness, and our infinite potential.

A mother to the motherless

A sister you can trust 

   A radical & fearless advocate for women  


Trudi is like truth serum.

E. H.

Goddess Trudi Harper Hill is one of the most authentic

living human beings I have met. Her example of self work & love

serves as a priceless gift for me, daily.

J Sutton, M.A.

With love, Trudi helps bring things to light and encourages you,

to take action for the good of self.

Kathy S.

Trudi has helped me to become my true self. She has always encouraged me to speak my truth. She, also, helped me to learn how to love and forgive myself. Ever since I met Trudi, she has always been so loving, caring and motherly towards me. She has constantly encouraged me to reach my full potential, and she always told me that things will get better.  I’m beyond grateful for her! I love how I can freely express myself, with her, she is just so understanding and won’t judge you, she’ll  just shower you with 

love and compassion! 

S. Griffin

Trudi is a ray of light that refuses to be shut off.

Pam S.

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